CLIC24: 2009 – 24 hours of wet.

That is a picture of the 15:35 unscheduled departure of the “Team Hardcore Loafing” Gazebo. It was last seen heading towards Bridgwater, traveling at thirty knots and still accelerating. More on this, and many other references to “cold”, “windy”, “Muddy” and “generally unpleasant” when I can properly use my fingers again. Chill Blains in mid … Continue reading CLIC24: 2009 – 24 hours of wet.

Clic24: 24 Hours of Rambling.

Chronological retelling of something not very exciting rarely makes interesting reading. But – in line with my aims of ever lowering the bar – that’s the way the Clic24 is being Hedgehog’d. If you can’t be arsed to scroll down, here is the adjectival summary: late, rain, beer, tent, snore, hot, arse, stop, start, crash, … Continue reading Clic24: 24 Hours of Rambling.

24 Hour Racing? Again? Hang on, I’m retired…

There is little more wretchedthan a famous sportsperson reversing theirretirement. Except maybe their rationale for doing so: ‘I miss the arena’ / ‘It feels like unfinished business’ / ‘I’ve kept myself in great shape’ all of which are likelyproxies for ‘Bored’ / ‘Unfulfilled’ / ‘Really need the cash‘ The results are rarely pretty. Age is … Continue reading 24 Hour Racing? Again? Hang on, I’m retired…

Parenting – the MTB edition.

It was exactly two years ago when I last rode MTB with Jess. There are good reasons for this; firstly her rapid limb lengthening rendered her lovely XS Turner redundant. Unless she was considering a career riding BMX. Not that such an option remained viable once I’d sold it. Needed the space in the shed. … Continue reading Parenting – the MTB edition.

28 days later

Good film. Cut the title in half, and and the production values by about a million and that pretty much summarises our approach to winter. Religiouslyevery two weeks, we’ve made a pilgrimage to shrines of mountain biking sacrosanct in the holy book of saintly images. I’ll leave the God metaphors right there other than to … Continue reading 28 days later

Kneed to know.

All of us believe there’s certain light conditions*, camera angles, heroic stances, etc which firmly represent our ‘best side’. That’s my knee in July 2006 after an impromptu slice and dice involving Chiltern Flint, over-confidence and stupidity. It’s not the my best side, it’s not even my best knee. Some seven years later a neat … Continue reading Kneed to know.

Mountain Musings

  Back in a time before marketing ruled the world, us plucky brits took one look at the brash offerings from our US cousins before stoutly refusing to adopt the term ‘mountain bike’ for the bastard offspring of a cruiser and a spindly road bike. Over-Priced, Over-Hyped and Over-Here we decreed, while the rump of … Continue reading Mountain Musings