Many Bikes, Little Talent

I’ve cut down on bikes, that’s a bit like saying “I used to smoke 50 a day, but through sheer willpower, I’m down to 48“.

Update: January 2019.

Every year you’ll find this page long divorced from any one of recognisable reality. Instead it’s elbows deep in broken promises, ridiculous rationale and all sorts of fresh metal presented as clothes on an omnipotent emperor.

After 14 years of this blog, you deserve a little better. Any talk of ‘strategy’, ‘progression’ or even ‘alcohol based purchase insanity’ must be consigned to the bin of delusion, the skip of stupidity, the crash of commercialism.

Let’s instead cut to the chase. Out the door went the ’never be sold’ Mojo3, ‘probably shouldn’t have bought’ Transition Smuggler and ’Would have made sense to keep’ Cotic FlareMax. Caught up in a flurry of shed-laundry, I gave away my 17 year old DMR Switchback as it’d been a wall-queen for far too long.

So that just left me with Jess’s SolarisMax. She’s not ridden it in 2018 but it’s still hers. Which gave me ample reason to buy another one in MK2 regalia.  The Mojo3 was replaced by the mighty RipMo from the same lovely manufacturer but with bigger wheels and proper clearance.

The box of spares I had left after that slash and burn workshop based savagery was hung off a new Bird Aeris 120. Which was nothing like the Bird Aeris I sold a couple of years ago. Just so we’re clear.

TLDR? The door continues to revolve.

The stunning Ibis RipMo. What a bike. What a shame about the rider
Not feeling like Winter!

The ‘Parts Mule’ Bird Aeris 120
Bird Aeris one20-the budget build
The new all-improved-oh-yes-it-is SolarisMax Mk2
Malverns - MTB Oct 2018

Jessie’s bike. Every time I ride it I realise how lucky she is 🙂
Last ride of my 40s!

Boardman Team CX. It deserves better
ShedOfMisery(tm) Upgrade

That’s it until 2020. I’ve no idea what’s coming next. I know it’s not an E-bike 😉

14 thoughts on “Many Bikes, Little Talent”

  1. How COULD I forget Roger? I assume this fine piece of Californian engineering is what you are dismissively referring to as the “girls bike”.

    Page amended. Although I’m concerned the PA may eat it.

  2. As a normal person that hasn’t bought a new bike since the SX trail(cos there is no better bike) . What is the technical difference between the Pace 405 and the New ST4 ? 6mm travel and color ? tyres ?

  3. Brad beat me to it, you have two more or less identical full sussers, which is one too many, even for you, besides which, you have the Hummer (meaning you don’t really need either of them)… Oh hang on, you can see my error? I’m applying logic to your bike choices…

    As you were…

    Liking the XR2 though…

  4. Let’s just get this straight before we start. I am not attempting to justify my random bike purchasing, but the Pace and ST4 ride very differently. One has big fat tyres, flats, coil forks and is much loved in big, rocky terrain. The ST4 has usurped the Hummer, so will be ridden for the rest of the time.

    I *expect*, having examined the tea leaves, to rebuilt the Cove and the ST4 and that would probably “do”. But why sell the Pace, I enjoy riding it, it’s paid for, 2nd hand values are rubbish.

    More bikes good, surely?

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