Bring me a mountain.

There is always a double knot of anxiety and anticipation when packing riding rucksacks and fettling pointlessly, when facing the prospect of riding somewhere a little edgy. This is a useful simile because Morocco is essentially an ancient, extinct volcano circumcised by donkey tracks and watered by mountain snow melt. Global warning here doesn’t mean … Continue reading Bring me a mountain.

Stand well back, I’m moving in.

After a late afternoon premeditated outage, all systems are back on line and the barn is finally operational. This smooth transition was carefully planned through a number of complex spreadsheets, and the configuration of the electronic multitude documented to a level of precision, one could proudly call military. A slight logistical oversight caused the plan … Continue reading Stand well back, I’m moving in.

Many Bikes, Little Talent

I’ve cut down on bikes, that’s a bit like saying “I used to smoke 50 a day, but through sheer willpower, I’m down to 48“. Update: January 2018. Every year you’ll find this page long divorced from any one of recognisable reality. Instead it’s elbows deep in broken promises, ridiculous rationale and all sorts of … Continue reading Many Bikes, Little Talent