Not a new chemical element, although if it were the description would go something like this: “energetic particle not bound to any obvious reference model. Becomes excited when mixed with world. Consumes other heavy elements without increasing mass including chocolate brownies, cheesecakes and waffles the size of decking” So Jessie is 11. Hard to know … Continue reading Random-11

Tunnel Of Glove

That’s it, right there. Documenting the maiden voyage of the good ship “pointless-niche” had me gloves off camera in hand. It was with great care the soul stealer was returned to its’ padded pouch, which may explain the lack of available ‘what the fuck have I left this time’ brain capacity to solve the difficult … Continue reading Tunnel Of Glove

Mucky Christmas.

The 26th of December is the traditional day for me to bugger off riding somewhere for two or three nights away. This spookily coincides with an influx of relatives with whom my civil relationship is based almost entirely on abstinence.  Which highlights both a lack of social skills and tolerance for which excuses are legion, … Continue reading Mucky Christmas.

Funny that.

Remember Winter? Cold, wet, dark and miserable?. The four seasonal horsemen of the apocalypse ride out from November through March before hibernating for the summer. Which is why we ride when it’s warm. dry, sunny and lovely. Yes? No. I reckon those four cloak-billowing mounted dementers have their eye on summer. And like the fifth … Continue reading Funny that.

Pack it in.

Waterproof Jacket. Waterproof Socks. Waterproof Shorts*. Waterproof Socks.  Winter Boots.  Vast Tent (waterproof). Flippers. Goggles. Canoe.  Beer. More Beer. Will To Live. Maybe a bike. Maybe not. Fairly standard packing list for any event caught in the crossfire of English weather, riding bicycles for indeterminable hours and me.  Plan for snow and hope for the … Continue reading Pack it in.