We didn’t start the fire..

Somehow I found time to write up the PPDS a couple of weeks ago. And while staring at a blank screen earlier waiting for inspiration, I re-read Andy Shelley’s awesome response to my throwaway metaphor about bike marketing. If you’re prepared to read the shit I write, then this is definitely worth a look – a) because it’s clever and b) because it’s short 😉

Middleburn, RaceFace, Grip-shifter, BioPace,
Eleven Speed, Single Speed, SRAM XXO,
Joe Murray, Rock Shox, Gary Fisher, Muddy Fox,
North Rocks, South Rocks, Marin & Munros,

Saracen, GT, 29 650B,
X-lite, “On yer right”, Monkey Bars and Fixie Shite,
Uplift, Triple crown, softail, man down,
Strava, 1×10, Going for a KOM,

We didn’t start the fire

Hope Hubs, Carbon Tubs, Coffee Stops, Dodgy Pubs
Campagnolo, Shimano, Dura Ace Block.
Proflex, Bearing Play, Elevated Chainstay
Sleepless or Mayhem, “Ride around the clock”

EPO, getting clean, Britain’s got a winning team
Bradley Wiggins, Chris Froome, Cavendish, stop,
Fort William, SnowFlake, Slickrock Trail, V-Brake,
Panaracer, XC racer, trouble on alp d’huez.

We didn’t start the fire

I was going to link the original lyrics, but really Billy isn’t going to scan well against Andy’s efforts.

Right that’s set the bar, next thing I write I’ll be expecting something comment-y of at least the same quality 🙂


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